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System thinking outlawed

Imaging the future and making it happen

System thinking outlawed

We look at what is going on in the world and ask ourselves the same wrong questions and making the same wrong assumption: “It’s never been like this ever”. Well, it has. Always. Sometimes, it was even worse. The biggest difference is that everything was regionalized, and the region was very small: the village, the town, the city state, maybe couple of countries. But never the entire world. And all of them had similar values or where always at war with countries that had opposite values: the Ottoman Empire and Europe. The Moors and Spain.

Now, we are all mingled. All values sharing the same geographic spaces. All nationalities and cultures fighting for supremacy in the same confined physical space.

The information spreads more quickly than ever before. It used to take days, weeks, months, sometimes years to get the news from one side of the world to the other. Now, it is instantaneous. But it is without discernment, without validation, without logic and reason.

Only feelings surface immediately. Only feelings count. Logic doesn’t. System thinking is outlawed.

We talk about “global village” but we don’t really understand what it means. We don’t realize that in the highly interconnected, multi-layered, multi-dimensional world, the same people are your friends in one situation, enemies in another, and totally indifferent in yet another one. That because of these situations, the relationships between people, companies, and governments are not simple. You cannot take specific instances out of the complex system and treat them independently, as stand-alone situations because they are not. They are heavily interconnected and have enormous dependencies that spread all directions, all layers, and all dimensions. We completely ignore that. We look at everything from our myopic viewpoint and want the world to conform with it.

Instead, we should try to understand the other side and walk in their shoes – even if it’s for a brief second. We should dig deeper into the real reasons behind their behavior – you always find that real reasons are most of the times not the ones they publicly made. We should engage in dialogues before pulling guns out or threatening economic sanctions.

We should understand the entire, complex system as a whole rather than selectively picking only the parts that serve our purpose.

Logic still exists and it can co-exist with feelings – after the real reason behind them is revealed. And we can live together with others in an achievable harmony. All we need is willingness to walk in their shoes and treat the world as the complex system it is…

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