Issaquah, WA

Sun, Coffee, Wine

Imaging the future and making it happen

Sun, Coffee, Wine

When you can’t be in Paradise, you make Paradise come to you. No ocean? Ocean breeze scented candles and air freshener will do it.  No acrobatic Pelicans? Funny dogs will do it. No fish playing in the ocean? Chocolate dessert looking like a shark swimming in the ocean waves will do it.

If you can’t have what you dreamed of, you can always find replacements. The only thing that is needed is your imagination. It is a lot easier and a lot more fun to imaging things that it is to be upset, angry, and constantly miserable because your perceived sense of failure. All you have to do is reimagine and rewrite your dreams. Who says that have to accept the world’s definition of success and achievement. Most of the time, that is unrealistic, unattainable, and – at times – flat out idiotic.

Make your own dreams. Make your own reality. Don’t ask or wait for permission. It will never come…

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