Our philosophy

We started the company as a response to seeing organizations struggle to rise above the noise in the ever-increasing competitive market. We want to both demystify and change the definitions of “strategy”, “success”, “digital storytelling”, and “thought leadership”. 


To us, a good strategy doesn’t need lots of money or new products. It needs creative ways to position and repackage existing products for new markets. It’s about understanding, really understanding the customer’s needs, and providing a solution or a product to a need no one else or very few people offer. This is why packaging a product (and we don’t mean the box) is about finding the right feature/functionality and services mix at different levels (think, good-better-best). A good package coupled with an appealing introductory or special theme-based offer supported by a clever digital marketing campaign can open new markets and geographies. 


Achieving success and market leadership doesn’t require aggressive salesmanship. It requires a consultative, empathic approach to selling that guides prospects along the path from where they currently are to where they want to be. It is more about making a long-time business partner than it is making a big sale. It’s using one’s knowledge and experience about the industry and applying them to the customer’s needs. It’s about helping them become the heroes who achieve those big audacious corporate goals. 

Digital Storytelling

Speaking of making the customers the heroes, storytelling is about a hero’s journey. Once you really understand the customer, their needs, and aspirations, you can develop a story with them at the center. A story that helps them visualize the journey and all the helping guides (you, your team, and your products) that will get them to the finish line and the most coveted prize. Digital media offers excellent ways to tell engaging and compelling stories by getting your customers and prospects to interact with the media. From interactive landing pages to AR/VR demos, social media reels, and metaverse advertising, there are now more ways to break through the noise with creative, engaging content. Added bonus: it also produces thought leadership and educational content that further increases your clout.