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Imaging the future and making it happen

Rolling solar panels

You know that saying, “Rolling the red carpet for you”? How about a new version, “Rolling the solar panels for you”? Renovagen developed an innovative way to provide emergency power backup in the form of a rolling solar panels. To those who might argue that’s not practical everywhere, I would answer: “Correct. But it is…
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Coal plants are going away – for good

Coal power plants are going away for good. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. While the current administration has tried very hard to bring coal back, utilities are moving towards 100% renewable power. Not even the administration’s Department of Energy’s ruling to subsidize aging coal units in the tune to $20…
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World Cup on your tabletop

University of Washington researchers in collaboration with Google and Facebook want to bring you the next World Cup on your tabletop. Using AI and 3D reconstruction, the new technology turns a regular game TV transmission into a 3D game. The current version doesn’t work in real-time yet, but we have four more years to make…
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Virgin Galactic closer to launching customers in space

The first step to space exploration is getting people familiarized with space itself, even if it is in the form of tourism first. Virgin Galactic Is getting closer to launching customers in space from a future spaceport in Italy, built in collaboration with Altec, a company owned by the Italian Space Agency, and Sitael, Italy’s largest…
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7 ways VR is changing how we work

Sarah Landrum  reminds us VR is actually making a positive difference in the way we work. From creating new jobs to bringing remote people to the office to improving training, VR is something we should embrace and not fear. Read it at Entrepreneur.