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Category: Exponential Technologies

Imaging the future and making it happen

World Cup on your tabletop

University of Washington researchers in collaboration with Google and Facebook want to bring you the next World Cup on your tabletop. Using AI and 3D reconstruction, the new technology turns a regular game TV transmission into a 3D game. The current version doesn’t work in real-time yet, but we have four more years to make…
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7 ways VR is changing how we work

Sarah Landrum  reminds us VR is actually making a positive difference in the way we work. From creating new jobs to bringing remote people to the office to improving training, VR is something we should embrace and not fear. Read it at Entrepreneur.

The fallacy of the “right tools”

Conventional wisdom says that you have to have the right tools for the job, because if you don’t, your work will not have the “right” quality. I love learning about the creative process of various creative people – from scientists, to filmmakers, to writers, to music creators. In every single interview about their work or…
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The evolution of language

280-character messages. Emojis galore. SMS and chat abbreviations and acronyms. The FBI compiled a listof most common Twitter shorthand. The document has no less than 83 pages. The linguist John McWhorter gave a very funny and informative TED talk on the impact of texting in the evolution of our language. He argued that, as annoying as…
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Homo Deus

Netflix’s new show, Altered Carbon, posses a really interesting question: what happens to us when we can live forever?