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Imaging the future and making it happen

Burning notebooks

One author wondered why Jules Verne burned all his notebooks about his books, two years before he died. The question was, “What did he have to hide?” Nothing. It’s not about hiding. It’s about not allowing people to see your work. Some work can or will be publish or it’s ok to be read by…
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The evolution of language

280-character messages. Emojis galore. SMS and chat abbreviations and acronyms. The FBI compiled a listof most common Twitter shorthand. The document has no less than 83 pages. The linguist John McWhorter gave a very funny and informative TED talk on the impact of texting in the evolution of our language. He argued that, as annoying as…
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Garbage Valet

Modern conveniences. They were supposed to make our lives better, more enjoyable, and easier. They were supposed to streamline our lives and give us more time to time to do other things than chores. Or, were they? Take the Garbage Valet. Marvelous idea. The waste management company comes and picks up your garbage, including recycling …
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A loud, loud world

A loud, loud world. The noise is becoming unbearable. Too much stuff. Too many people talking. Too many desires, wishes made public. Too many personal stories shared indiscriminately. Too many dirty laundry done in public – on purpose. Everybody wanting to succeed – overnight. Everybody wanting attention. Everybody engaged in a fight to the death…
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How to spread misery: step-by-step instructions

So, you are miserable person who wants to share his misery but don’t know how to do it effectively and efficiently. You are in luck: after studying an extensive body of work of others, I came up with this step-by-step guide to spreading misery. Let’s get started: Step 1: The main prerequisite is that you…
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