Daniela Axinte

Founder & CEO


Independent thinker. Perpetual learner. Entrepreneur. Writer. Artist. Scientist. Armchair philosopher. Observer. Explorer. Of the mind. Of the world around me.

If you were to know only three things about me, here they are:

  1. I love helping people;
  2. I love building new worlds and new things; and
  3. I love connecting seemingly unrelated dots – people, places, and opportunities.

These three passions defined me since I was a little girl growing up in a world without a future and a terrifying present (communist Romania). Somehow, I managed to see past the forced gloomy life, nonexistent opportunities, and constant fear for my life. I did that by taking apart the world around me, deconstructing it into fundamental elements, and then reassembling parts of it in unusual ways to create new worlds. Worlds where people thrive, their lives improve, creativity is fostered, and technology is leveraged to do good things.

And, no, I am not talking imaginary worlds. I’m talking practical worlds that sprung up from looking at things and asking, “Can this be better? Can I make this better? How will it look like? Who will it use it? In how many ways can it be used? How can it be modified to be used in even more ways? What will it take to make it happen? Who do I need to bring in to help me turn it into reality? Why not now? Why not us?”. Out of those answers, crystal clear pictures formed in my mind how these worlds and things look like. I still do this. All the time.

These questions and my curiosity led me to applying my passions in very interesting ways: from building multimillion-dollar companies and brands from scratch ($120 million over 2 years), to reinventing the way companies marketed their software to increase revenue, to educating global leaders on how to create new business models in new economic environments, to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, to teaching young minds how to think independently, to educating mature audiences on latest technology trends.

All these started with a need for and desire to change. “Change is hard”, some say. “People don’t like change, but demand progress”, others argue. The funny thing about starting on the path of change is that you give others permission to do the same. Before you know it, a small tribe of like-minded non-linear thinkers join you. And what it was good idea in your mind becomes a brilliant one out of the collective mind.

Some changes are small; others, radical. Here are few I had the privilege to work on with small tribes of revolutionaries:

  • Radically transformed the product portfolio and business models of the number 1 software company in the electric utility space to support the digital electric grid. And, in the process, helped clients navigate their own digital transformation journey.
  • Changed the way global governments and companies monetized and leveraged the newly deregulated electric utility industry. And, in the process, helped built the Number 1 electricity markets software company.
  • Reinvented a 150-year old technology (soldering) and create a whole new category of luxury pet products by adapting the underlying technology. And, in the process, created the fastest growing, most recognizable brand in soldering tools.
  • Proud co-owner of a zero-waste distillery, soon to be certified as negative carbon emitter. And, in the process, created a brand-new category (organic cachaca) and a sustainability movement in an industry known for generating significant waste.

And here are some of the industries I applied changes: Software (SaaS, Enterprise), IT Services, Utilities (electric, oil & gas, water, smart grid), Consumer Products, Higher Education, Government, Insurance, Alcohol.

Join me: Lets imagine the future and make it happen. 

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