Group of young modern people having a business meeting while working in the office

Our Story

We are tiny army of revolutionaries who couldn't stand on the sidelines anymore and decided to amplify voices that matter in the fight for climate action.

We worked for Fortune 50 companies and had our own businesses. We are engineers, marketers, business developers, creatives - with most of us having played in more than one role throughout our career.

We've been in the midst of many battles and have scars to prove it and fascinating stories to tell. In the process, we learned a lot of lessons we want to put to good use so others can avoid them.

All of us work remotely from various parts of the US and Canada. All of us are passionate about fighting climate change, expanding the use of renewable energy sources, introducing the concept of circular economy to as many companies as we can, and finding ways to predict, prevent, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

In other words, building the new Terra3.0.

Meet the Team


Daniela Axinte

Founder & CEO

Independent lateral thinker. Perpetual learner. Observer and explorer of the world. Entrepreneur. Storyteller. Living at the intersection of sciences, technology, and humanity. Equally developed right and left brains working in harmony to produce totally non-linear thinking. Unique blend of deep strategic thinking and successful execution of those strategies. Pragmatic scientist. Compassionate human. Creative builder of new worlds. Focused on amplifying voices that matter, using exponential technology to help humanity and the world solve incredible challenges. Bridging polarized groups of people to solve the energy crisis, prevent climate change impacts, and create new economic growth. Searching for, inventing, talking, sharing, amplifying disruptive solutions and the people behind them. Engaging people into thinking differently about the current challenges and the unlimited opportunities to reach 100% renewable energy, bring electricity to those 2 billion people who are still lacking it, create new jobs, and save the planet in the process.

Next Steps...

We love to talk to you about how we can amplify your voice, help you promote that really cool product of yours that will improve our world.