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Our Approach

We believe that we live in the most exciting time in human history, a time when we can solve many of humanity's challenges. Emerging technology and democratization of everything is making it much easier to start, build, and grow businesses. While an exciting journey, it's not an easy task - no matter what stage you're at.

We don't believe in forklift replacements of anything. They are disruptive, costly, and - in the end - don't achieve the hype they promised. We use Agile Marketing and Growth Hacking methodologies, strategies, and tactics. And since not all businesses and situations are the same, we adapt our approach to fit the specific business needs, the industries, and the individual goals.

Our Story

All of us come from an entrepreneurial background and have been in the midst of many battles. We have scars to prove it and fascinating stories to tell. And, in the process, we learned a lot of lessons, which is why we decided to start this business: to help others avoid the pitfalls we fell into, amplify the things that work, and improve those that need little tweaking.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Daniela Axinte

Founder & CEO

Left brained, right brained individual. Scientist and artist wrapped into one. Non-linear thinker who solves logical problems creatively, and creative problems logically. Built company from garage to $120M in 2 years. Established distribution networks around the world. Coached, guided, and
advised global leaders. Agile marketer who build/increased awareness of multiple brands by leaps and bounds (software, consumer products, services). Growth hacker known for "Duct tape" projects (combining elements of various products to create new offering for new markets/geographies/customer types). Visionary, pragmatic strategist with proven track record to identify and execute on new market trends/opportunities/initiatives. Charismatic leader known to unify and energize teams around common goals, then get her tribe to execute beyond
expectations. Challengers of the status quo and implementer of change. Source of unexpected knowledge. Connector of unrelated dots, people, businesses, opportunities.

Next Steps...

We love to talk to you about your digital transformation journey and your growth aspiration and see how we can accelerate it and make it painless.