Hi, I’m Daniela

A researcher, a futurist, and a strategist. I’ve been involved in AI and emerging technologies for over two decades. I like looking at today’s issues and imagining a better future. One can say, I don’t live in the present but in the future.

My main interests are the symbiotic relationship between technology, especially AI, and its impact on humanity at individual and global levels – now and projected in the near and mid-term future. I thrive on thinking about and finding solutions to questions like:

  • How will the world look like in 10, 20, or 30 years?
  • How does this relationship shape cultures, geopolitics, and society?
  • What would be the role of AI in building off-planet societies? And what would these societies look like?
  • Is the uncontrolled AI race leading to humanity’s demise out of sheer human egotism?
  • Is our willingness to give out lots of private data in exchange for free or low-cost tools creating a self-inflicted totalitarian society where every move and thought are recorded and used against us?
  • Can we finally cure incurable diseases?
  • Can AI invent new laws of physics and new technology that will completely change the trajectory of human civilization and change us as a species?
  • Will AI and the new technology it develops reduce or increase inequalities?
  • Are we ready to relegate a lot of work to AI? If so, what will a world without working humans look like, and what would they do?
  • What kind of guide rails do we need to implement to ensure AI serves humanity and it doesn’t destroy it?

Engage in the conversation, learn something new, and share your thoughts and experiences.