About us

Daniela Axinte

As the Founder and CEO of Terra3.0, Daniela Axinte is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into the world of marketing and strategy. With an extensive product and digital marketing background, Daniela has carved a niche in AI strategy development and digital transformation.

Under her leadership, Terra3.0 has become synonymous with innovation in AI-driven market intelligence and competitive analysis, providing clients with insights and strategies that are not just ahead of the curve but actively shaping it. Her expertise in AI has enabled Terra3.0 to offer services that seamlessly blend technology with creative marketing strategies, ensuring clients’ sustainable growth and market leadership.

Daniela’s academic background, with advanced studies in AI and engineering, complements her professional achievements. Her vision extends beyond business success, focusing on empowering teams and leading the charge in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Daniela is based in Seattle, USA.

Kristina (Kris) Mansson

Kris Mansson is a versatile energetic, forward-thinking product and technical marketing leader with deep expertise in software solution marketing.

She has launched multiple solutions, including early-stage products and re-positions, successfully building connections across international and domain teams to gain the engagement and cooperation required to build effective strategies and tactics. In her work, she strives to deeply understand the drivers, challenges, and motivations of her clients’ market and customers as they take on the challenge of digital transformation, all to effectively speak to and for them in a genuinely compelling way. 

Fun facts: She started her professional career on the eastern edge of North America as the Environmental Officer for the East Coast Trail Association in Newfoundland. Though her career trajectory has since evolved she maintained a lifelong passion for sustainability and environmental protection. Her other lifelong interest is visual art, where she continues to paint as well as create stained glass pieces.

Kris is based in Montreal, Canada.