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We solve
complex problems related to the impact of climate change.

Our extremely interconnected world makes climate change problems more and more complex. As people move in mass from one are to another, travel frequently in high numbers, use more and more electricity, migrate from rural areas to big cities, live longer and consumer more “stuff”, solving problems in isolation is not practical anymore.

We look at the world in the context of interconnected complex systems and aim to solve problems as pragmatic, practical, and as fast as possible. 

Our primary focus is climate change impacts on the modern grid. From the impact of large-scale renewables, DER’s, microgrids and picogrids to electrification of transportation and rural to urban mass migration, to the acceleration of the 100% renewable power dates.

We work with businesses, utilities, government entities and NGOs to identify and qualify the impact of climate change, find and implement mitigating solutions and technologies, develop new business models, and establish new business processes that allow companies to thrive, utilities to maintain a resilient modern grid, and NGOs promote and carry out the changes they seek. All in the context of the interconnected world and the 4D Modern Grid. 


A new way of thinking and solving problems

Many of today’s problems require non-linear thinking. Applying new methodologies like design thinking and agile development to solve complex problems. 


We help companies, government agencies, and NGOs prepare for and execute various initiatives to combat and reduce the impact of climate change and create a clear path towards 100% renewable power.

We work with our clients to  develop new products and services, create new business models, assess and implement new technology and processes , which will  accelerate the implementation of actions critical to preventing, reducing, and reversing climate change impacts


We perform market studies on various topics related to:   
• The impact of climate change, large-scale renewables and DERs  on the electric grid;  digital grid;
• The impact of mass migration from rural to urban area from the perspective  of the modern grid and smart cities; 
• Digital transformation of utilities; 
• Adoption of circular economy principles and methodology; 
• Adoption of clean energy; 
• The rise of the prosumer and proliferation of microgrids, picogrids, and nanogrids; 
• Electrification of transportation (cars, busses, trucks, ferries). 


We create training, corporate, exploratory videos and documentaries aimed raising awareness and educating people about the impact of climate change and solutions available to solve them.

Daniela Axinte – Founder

the future and making it happen  together

I just happened to be born at the right time in history. A time when technology is changing at the speed of light and old stories of imagined worlds are becoming a reality. We live in a time when we can literally create our world as we want it to be. Some see the world as full of war, disease, and hardship. I see a tremendous opportunity to change its course for the better. We have the tools, the technology, and funding to solve any problems the world has grappled with for millennia. There are no shortages of problems to be solve. Some have simple solutions; others, need complete do-overs. And all require a completely different way of looking tat the world. There are no shortages of solutions and creative individuals who can make it happen. I’m one of them. And so are you.

Join us: imagine the future and make it happen.


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