Future-proofing businesses through System Thinking and Digital Transformation

Over the past 20 years, I helped businesses and entrepreneurs implement changes to their business to accelerate growth and amplify their brands.

Some changes are small; others, radical. Here are few I had the privilege to work on with small tribes of revolutionaries:

  • Radically transformed the product portfolio and business models of the Number 1 software company in the electric utility space to support the digital electric grid. And, in the process, helped clients navigate their own digital transformation journey.
  • Changed the way global governments and companies monetized and leverage the newly deregulated electric utility industry. And, in the process, helped built the Number 1 electricity markets software company.
  • Reinvented a 150-year old technology (soldering) and created a whole new category of luxury pet products by adapting the underlying technology. And, in the process, created the fastest growing, most recognizable brand in soldering tools.
  • Helped started (and co-own) a zero-waste organic distillery, soon to be certified as negative carbon emitter. And, in the process, created a brand-new category (organic cachaca) and a sustainability movement in an industry known for generating significant waste.

And here are some of the industries I applied changes: Software (SaaS, Enterprise), IT Services, Utilities (electric, oil & gas, water, smart grid), Consumer Products, Higher Education, Government, Insurance.

Join me: Lets imagine the future and make it happen. 

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Digital Transformation: Be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Social media concept. Social networking service. Video hosting website. Streaming video.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Are you ready? Are your business models aligned with the direction of your industry? Are they supported by the right tools? Do you have the right skillset to leverage exponential technologies and exponential growth?

We can help you develop the right: framework, mindset, tools, business models, processes to live and operate in a fully digital world.

Build an Antifragile Business: Are you ready to weather Black Swan events?

Futuristic user interface concept. Graphical User Interface(GUI). Head up Display(HUD). Internet of things.

Black Swan events (unpredictable, large scale events with massive impact) are becoming more and more common. Are you thinking at the system level to make sure your business, its business models, and current/future offering will withstand the impact of a Black Swan event? Is your company future-proofed? Is it thriving in time of significant adversity?

We can help develop system-level thinking: agile, rapidly adaptable to change. 

Market Research: Data, insights, and analytics

Do you really know your audience? Do you know where they live, get their information, and what their day looks like? Do you have the relevant insights from the data you collect to make impactful decisions? Do you have a good picture of the legislative, regulatory, socioeconomic, and geopolitical issues impacting your business?

We perform in-depth analysis of industry, market, and technology trends. And give you forward-thinking, yet pragmatic recommendations to expand and future-proof your business.

Digital Marketing: Digital, social, and mobile

Social media concept. Social networking service. Video hosting website. Streaming video.

Today’s world is digital, social, and mobile. Are you targeting the right audience and getting the right customers? Are growing at the pace and rate you want? Are you telling compelling stories that engage your audience?

We can help you find creative ways of building followers, increasing customer/user engagement, growing revenues, and raising brand awareness.

How we work

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. While our engagements vary in scope and length, the one constant is our commitment to helping you succeed and having your voice heard.

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